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Business Strategist. Visionary Entrepreneur.

I help entrepreneurs identify a clear path to success.

My clients grow and scale their businesses, exponentially.

I teach aspiring and seasoned leaders how to envision and strategically design a business and life they love.

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Results! Our clients enjoy their reclaimed time and financial freedom.

There are critical points in life where we either push through or give up.  If we choose to push through, then the option of success awaits on the other side.  

You need more than just a push.  You need fresh eyes, clear vision, and a solution based plan. We’re your strategic partner. 











Meet Natasha

With two decades of experience in the business world, I am Natasha, the proud founder of BusinessMommy—a visonary entrepreneur, seasoned educator, and passionate advocate for empowering Black women in business. Armed with a Master’s degree in Educational Psychology, my journey has been enriched by specialized training from renowned programs led by Goldman Sachs, Cornell, and Babson.  

As a serial entrepreneur, I’ve led businesses across varying industries including education, business management and real estate. 

As the driving force behind BusinessMommy, I am dedicated to reshaping the narrative around motherhood and entrepreneurship, proving that both roles can not only coexist but flourish together. 

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Natasha and her team will:

   Pull from her experiences to advise you how to make it through crisis and avoid another. Intentionally and strategically help you break things down and put things back together.


Natasha and her team will:

   Leverage her training in psychotherapy to get you to face your truth and realize your power. 

Beyond my professional accolades, I wear the hats of a devoted mother and successful businesswoman with pride. Balancing the demands of motherhood while achieving significant milestones in my career has been a cornerstone of my journey. Throughout my career, I have mentored thousands of young individuals and staff members, witnessing tangible results in their personal and professional growth.  Rooted in my backgound as a Psychotherapist, I am driven by a commitment to education, fostering learning and growth in every aspect of life. 

Some of the most important skills we learn when studying the science behind the human mind and behavior is how to be an active listener and how to guide our clients to reach their goals by holding a deep understanding how they learn and process information.  

I don’t just call myself an expert or coach, I have years of experience, education and real results,  as “receipts”.


Natasha and her team will:

   Leverage her success as a strategist to teach you how to develop strategies for success. 

I’m a business strategist and master negotiator. 

My work as a nonprofit strategist has been studied over time and documented in published reports and books.  I’ve met, conversed with and have been congratulated by a sitting President of the United States of America on my success in transforming the lives of children and changing communities.

My “type A” personality leads me to be an overachiever, an Original Girl Boss.  I’m in constant competition with myself so I constantly strive to outdo myself.  I don’t take on projects unless I believe I can make a difference I push my clients to find the inspiration to reach the next level.

The best partnerships are build on transparency, also known as “keeping it real”. Honesty doesn’t have to be brutal, but it is straightforward.  When we work together, I am direct, honest and fair. 

I believe in forming genuine connections with people.  I also believe that people don’t have to be stuck in who there were or pigeon-held to who they are “supposed to be”.  I see the potential in people oftentimes long before they see it in themselves.  

I’ve helped people from varying backgrounds and “walks of life”, albeit, students, families, interns, staffer members, colleagues or clients, shift their perspective from seeing obstacle to embracing opportunity.  

I’m naturally a nurturer, so, in addition to my own two children, I have welcomed scores of children and young adults, some now have their own children, into my life, home and family. For some, I’m the only mother-figure they’ve known for a very long time. For others, I’ve been asked by their very present parents to mentor- and in some instances, even adopt or foster, the children in their family. My reach has spanned over generations or across multiple branches within the same family.  

 To be entrusted to hold such a major role in the lives of so many people is an honor that I don’t take lightly. Mentoring is more than a buzz word for me, it’s been my lifestyle for over thirty years.


Natasha and her team will:

   Provide you with the undivided attention you deserve.  You will be seen and heard in a judgement-free space.

While all of my accomplishments and accolades are gratifying; I am most thankful for my role as a mother. The Latin root of gratitude, gratus, means thankful or pleasing. The root of satisfying, satis, means enough.  Motherhood fills and completes me.

My ultimate accomplishment, my best work, is my role as a Mother. 

Natasha and her team will:

   Provide you with the same level of excellence that she has poured into her own accomplished children.


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Earning a Bachelor's Degree in less than three years, she graduated from college at the age of twenty. (12)