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Life + Business Strategist.

I teach people how to retrain their thinking to manifest and design a life they love.

I help innovative and inspiring entrepreneurs grow their businesses.

the time is now

Are you finally ready to begin living your best life? Dreaming of running a business that basically runs itself? I'm ready! Are you?

There are critical points in life where we either push through or give up.  If we choose to push through, then the option of success awaits on the other side.  Whether it’s managing mommy life, starting and managing businesses or investing and flipping real estate…

Natasha has done it all and has prevailed triumphant.


Natasha and her team will:

   Leverage her psychotherapy training to get you to face your truth and realize your power. Pull from her experiences to advise you how to make it through crisis and avoid another. Intentionally and strategically help you break things down and put things back together.

At the office, I’m a business strategist and master negotiator.  When it’s time to get down to business, I’m uber-serious. I insist on building a great company culture within all of my brands so I insist upon a work hard, play hard balance.  

As a serial entrepreneur, I’ve led businesses across varying industries including education, business management and real estate.  

 While all of those accomplishments and accolades were gratifying; motherhood is the only accomplishment that is constantly satisfying.  If we look at the Latin root of gratitude, gratus, it means thankful or pleasing. The Latin root of satisfying, satis, means enough. It fills me and completes me.

My ultimate accomplishment, my best work, is my #mommylife.

My work as a nonprofit strategist has been studied over time and documented in published reports and books.  I’ve met, conversed with and have been congratulated by a sitting President of the United States of America on my success in transforming the lives of children and changing communities.

My “type A” personality leads me to be an overachiever, an Original Girl Boss.  I’m in constant competition with myself so I constantly strive to outdo myself.  

I’m naturally a nurturer so, in addition to my two biological children, I have scores of children and young adults (some have their own children) that call me their “Mommy” or Ms. Wright (it’s a respect thing).  Although I am only a few years older than some, we genuinely have a mother-child relationship. And, for some, I’m the only mother-figure they’ve known for a very long time. They come to Thanksgiving dinners, join me for family vacations and I attend their weddings and baby showers.


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Sharing a laugh with 2020 Presidential hopeful, Senator Cory Booker,
on Capitol Hill.


Press interview for the
ribbon cutting ceremony for a
66,000 sq ft. property.

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Fun Facts About Natasha

Natasha believes in pushing herself and others toward defining and designing their own versions of excellence.

She's a hard worker, go-getter and serial entrepreneur.
A natural nurturer, Natasha mentors men and women,
children and adults of all ages, ethnicities and walks of life.
It's her gift, passion and purpose.

She is BusinessMommy®.

Earning a Bachelor's Degree in less than three years, she graduated from college at the age of twenty. (12)