Natasha is an inspiration to both her industry as a thought leader and to her employees internally. I’ve had the privilege of reporting directly to Natasha for over three years, and in that time she’s helped me grow as a professional, and as a marketer. Her drive, work-ethic and genuine positive impact on her clients are what makes her business such a success – and it makes her employees happy to be there.

She never leaves the office without making sure her team has smiles on their faces, direction for their projects and a clear understanding of their goals. Natasha has proven over and over again that she is a top-notch manager. She invests in her company and her team – everyone gets to learn, and understand the impact they’re having on the organization as a whole. She is a powerful voice both for the education and child care industries, as well as for women in business. I would recommend both her business services and employment opportunities wholeheartedly to parents, educators and students alike.”